Soundproof print (arkutex)

Arkutex is versatile and can be used in various environments, including retail, hospitality, education, and more.


Soundproof print (also known as Arkutex) is a type of printing material that is specifically designed for soundproofing applications. It is a composite material made of a layer of fiberglass or mineral wool insulation, with a layer of sound-absorbing foam on one side, and a printable film on the other side.

The printable film on the Arkutex material allows for high-quality, full-color digital printing, which is done using UV-curable inks. These inks are durable and resistant to fading, and they provide vibrant, long-lasting colors.

Soundproof print (Arkutex) material is commonly used in a variety of applications, including soundproofing walls and ceilings, as well as in creating decorative and artistic designs. It is also used in the construction of music rooms, recording studios, cinemas and theaters, and other environments where soundproofing is important.
The sound-absorbing foam layer in Arkutex material helps to reduce the transmission of sound through walls and ceilings, making it an effective solution for soundproofing.

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