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Dice Group Case Study

We were approached by Dice, a creative marketing agency, to create acrylic lightboxes for an H&M store. The lightboxes were used to showcase the branding for H&M and maintain the luxury finish that the store offers its customers. The acrylic lightboxes provided a bright and eye-catching display which helped to draw customers’ attention to the store and the products while maintaining the high-end look that H&M was looking for

DICE, a digital marketing agency, was tasked with creating a visually stunning installation for H&M and Gabrielle Alpin’s collaboration event. They approached us for a solution that would effectively showcase the campaign’s key visuals while also being durable and easy to install.

Challenge: The main challenge was to create light boxes that could be easily transported and installed on site, while still providing bright and even illumination for the campaign graphics. Additionally, the graphics needed to be reverse printed on clear acrylic to maintain a transparent and illuminated look.

Solution: We proposed using clear acrylic sheets for the light boxes and reverse printing the campaign graphics on them. To ensure durability and stability, we used ACM Dibond as the backing material for the light boxes. This material is a composite of aluminum and polyethylene, making it both lightweight and sturdy.


Result: The final installation consisted of several large light boxes, all of which were easy to transport and install on site. The reverse printed graphics on clear acrylic looked stunning when illuminated and the ACM Dibond backing provided a clean and professional look. The light boxes were well received by both DICE and H&M, and were a key feature of the collaboration event.

Conclusion: By using clear acrylic and reverse printing, we were able to create visually stunning light boxes that effectively showcased the campaign graphics. The use of ACM Dibond as the backing material ensured that the light boxes were both durable and easy to install. Overall, the project was a success and received positive feedback from the client.

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